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Vice Chancellor Message

Kardan University is a knowledge inspired institute with faculties of Business Management, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Law and Linguistics.
With the rapid phase of technological advancement one cannot escape the ubiquitous globalization now embracing all aspects of our daily lives. Here at Kardan University we have universal focus on thinking innovatively while being drastically acting to suit the local environment scenario.

Today, possessing knowledge and having the ability to use knowledge worldwide is critical to personal and social progress.

Kardan University is engaged in the process of fostering an environment that attracts, sustains and retains creative, imaginative, and globally resourceful individuals. We are aware of the role of higher education as universities are the primary suppliers of human resources.
In the context of globalization, generation of new ideas, technologies, methods, products and services are of crucial importance to sustain competitive advantage.  Kardan University will continue to provide quality education at affordable cost as our commitment to the nation. We would  urge upon you to share your experience with us "in the transformation of Afghanistan into an economically prosperous, happy, peaceful and secure country.

Congratulations! Future will be better than the past.

Syed Umar Farooq, Ph.D,
Vice Chancellor Academics
Kardan University
Kabul, Afghanistan.