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Welcome from the Chancellor

Chancellor Roeen Rahmani
Chancellor Roeen Rahmani

Welcome to the Kardan University to all of our new students and their families! 

Kardan University president, Roeen Rahmani is an accomplished scholar and innovator whose 10 years at KU have been characterized by vision and a talent for seeing and seizing opportunities.

From his creation of a multimedia research center and his energetic tenure as Lecturer, to the pacesetting initiatives he set in motion as KU provost, he has helped propel KU toward its goal of becoming one of the most productive and influential research universities in the world.

President Message

KU philosophy is based on the fact that we must be a part of the economic development and growth of Afghanistan as well as engage in its rich civic and cultural activities. At a time when the role of the Higher Education Institute is changing dramatically, I believe there is a pressing need for institutions which can engage with the major questions of our time and to understand, articulate and respond to global transformation. KU is distinctively able to do this.

Today Kardan University (KU) is the dynamic face of higher education in Afghanistan and the doors of KU are open to students of the whole country, and merit alone is the ticket to join its various degree and diploma programs.

KU system of merit, truth, diligence, tolerance and humility has established a culture in which talented students and outstanding teachers have created a community dedicated to quality, innovation and change. KU’s standards are demonstratively the highest in Afghanistan and the well-deserved reputation of KU as a premier education institution provides a solid foundation for the future. I foresee a marvelous future for KU that we can achieve together, and I urge all alumni, faculty, students, board members, and friends, of KU to join me in this exciting endeavor. We gladly invite your continued interest in KU and sincerely hope you will consider joining us.

Roeen Rahmani
Chancellor & President
Kardan University
Kabul Afghanistan